Make sure you buy a reputed brand which will ensure proper warranty & service when the need arises. Also make sure you buy projector from a reputed projector vendor and not from those who may be selling projector as a side business or just trading in projectors.

You may find people like your computer, telecommunication, electrical, office supplies vendor or your electrician, civil or carpenter who will be more than willing to arrange, sell or install projector for you at low prices. Beware these people are just there to make some fast bucks, they will direct you to the service centers in case of any problem.

You may argue that the projector warranty is provided by the company, but you may require your vendors assistance in terms of telephonic support if you face operational problems or on-site help for minor problems or logistics & follow up support with the authorized service center incase of projector breakdown and repairs. Only pureplay Projector or Audio Video vendor or integrator will be able to provide the above support because they have the requisite infrastructure, technical staff and expertise.

You may also argue that projectors are simple or easy to use devices that does not require any technical support. True, but you should have the assurance that help is at hand when the unthinkable happens.

Don’t look at projectors as just another device, look at them as investments and don’t skimp on warranty & support costs while buying one. Remember when you pay for peanuts, you get only peanuts. A working projector is worth its weight in gold than a dead one without support at the time of crucial presentation or major video application.

Thanks & Happy Projecting….

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